Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Morning Moment

I found this butterfly who had gone to butterfly heaven out on our pool deck. As I really got a good look at him and then turned it over I noticed it had two complete different looking sides. Which got me thinking.....Have you ever heard the saying there is two sides to every story? It’s really true. How many times has someone come to you with a story ....a problem ... a situation on how someone else had done them wrong? We are quick to listen to the person and quick to respond.  Usually our first reaction is to agree with them.  Then fast forward a week or two or even longer and you happen to see the person who the first person was complaining  about. You get into a conversation and learn that there was more to the story then what you were first told.  

There is a good lesson to learn here. In Proverbs 18:17 it says, “The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him. “  It’s best not to come to a conclusion until you hear the other side.  Here are a few good tips: *It’s good to remind ourselves that we are only hearing one perspective. *Try to remain emotionally detached from what you are being told. *Dont give an immediate response. *Review the facts of the situation or problem. Possibly talk to the other person to hear their side. *Once you do find out the other side get back in touch with the person and share. Possibly bring both parties together.  Many times problems or situations are worked out once you get all the facts together.  So by getting both sides of the story you can avoid saying you are agreeing with the wrong thing which could further complicate things.  It’s easier said than done but with determination and persistence you can do it. Have a blessed day, Emily

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