Friday, June 4, 2021

I'm In Love and I Don't And I Don't Care Who Knows!

It isn’t too often when I fall in love with a piece of clothing but recently my heart was taken with this gorgeous top from The Muses Closet and designer Elizabeth Tabat Klein .

First , the lace is extremely soft which is unlike many other lace fabrics.  It feels so good on your skin and drapes beautifully.  

Secondly, it has a built in lining that is yummy soft too. The bottom six inch panel can be moved up or down to customize it for a perfect fit.

Thirdly, the scallops on the sleeves are beautiful and the lace placement on the sleeves cover exactly what you want covered on your arms.

It’s truly a beautiful fantastic top and it comes in this pretty blush as well as three other colors. I can promise you will love this top as much as I do. 💗