Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The twins graduate from preschool!

The Lord has blessed my husband Carlos and I with the two sweetest grandsons ever Isaac and Caden!  They are five years old and they just graduated from preschool.  Caden and Isaac were born 10 weeks premature but you couldn't tell that today.  They are both thriving, smart, loving and loving little boys who are so excited to be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  
To the twins I am known as Gemmy.  When I first found out that my daughter and son in law were going to have a baby (and then later found it was babies) I was a young 46 years old so I wasn't mentally prepared to be called Grandma :-)   So, I started thinking of other names they could call me. I didn't want to be Nana, Mimi, Grammy, Granny etc.  . .  So my niece Ashley came up with the name of Gemma short for Grandma Emma and that is what I originally went with.  Well, two years after the twins were born and were starting to really talk Caden all of sudden started calling me Gemmy.  At first I said, "Caden, I'm Gemma" but he was pretty consistent in calling me Gemmy.  So I let him . .I had one calling me Gemmy and the other calling me Gemma.  Eventually, Isaac started calling me Gemmy too so I became Gemmy to both of them.  I love that name not because it's the cutest name but because they named me that.  
I can't believe they are already 5 1/2 and getting ready to start elementary school.  Time has flown by but it has flown by even sweeter with these two in our lives.  


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Check out these cute wrap bracelets and cuffs from Victoria Emerson

If you are looking for stylish, trendy and easy to wear jewelry and accessories check out Victoria Emerson  I love their leather wraps and  boho cuffs!  They are not only unique and beautifully made but they are versatile so you can wear each piece with many different styles.    To receive 30
To receive 30% off your entire order see click on this link: Victoria Emerson

Wraps and Cuff:  Victoria Emerson       Top Bag:  QVC           Middle Bag:  EBags

Perfect lightweight button down off-the-shoulder top from TJMaxx

It's nearing 90 degrees here in Central Florida so that calls for a less is more look. 😉. This cold shoulder top from TJMaxx  is so light and airy it practically feels like you have nothing on. 😉. I wore this outfit all day to work and while running a few errands and honestly it's been a long time since I have received  so many  compliments about a shirt then I did  on this one today.  Also taking my look to new heights with these Aerosoles  wedges. I have decided that wedges are my new best friend for my feet. They not only give me height but they are super comfy to wear all day. That's a win win. 💛💛 

Shirt:  TJMaxx    Shoes:  Aerosoles       Bag:  Louis Vuitton      Sunnies:  RAYBAN

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Skincare that help to combat the signs of aging naturally by Nudu Natural Beauty

If you are looking for the ultimate, healthy, anti-aging  skincare products you need to give Nudu Natural Beauty  a try.  Nudu products are full of ingredients that will truly leave your skin feeling and looking good. The ingredients which include premium botanicals, antioxidants, plant oils and skin friendly compounds all work together to help combat signs of aging and protect against pollution. You will love the silky texture and subtle scents of all the Nudu beauty products. Another thing I love about this line is that all the ingredients they use are safe for your skin. They contain no parabens, detergents, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, peroxides, silicon, harsh preservatives or artificial colors. They are also GMO FREE and never tested on animals. To read more about Nudu Natural Beauty visit Nudu Natural Beauty

Skincare:  Nudu Natural Beauty

Friday, June 16, 2017

The perfect dress for a summer getaway from Aventura Clothing!

 If you are looking for carefree and versatile pieces that are made with fabrics with low environmental impact you need to check out Aventura Clothing  Their pieces which work both for day and night, spring or summer are made of eco-friendly fabrics whenever possible such as organic cotton or organic cotton blends. This is the sporty Callister dress with a racerback fit and is made with organic cotton with a touch of stretch spandex. This vibrant all over pattern is the Viridian Green (for some reason the pics are reading more blue but its shades of TEAL green) but it also comes in two other colors, Vintage Indigo and Black. Check out all the different styles that are perfect for vacation, a getaway or just running around town.   Aventura Clothing is passionate about creating fashionable and comfortable clothing with low environmental impact.  Aventura Clothing
Purchasing Tip - This dress runs true to size
Styling Tip - This dress can be dressed down with flip flops or dressed up with a cute wedge.  It also looks adorable with a denim jacket on a cool evening.

Dress: Aventura Clothing  Shoes: BOC Shoes Glasses:  Ray-Ban

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Diving Back Into The Blogging World

I had blogged for many years about my family and life but as my children grew up and started moving out I stopped blogging back in 2009.  About four years ago I started missing it so I started blogging via Instagram.  Through Instagram I have shared my love of fashion, travel, family, ministry and life.  I have met so many amazing people through that media outlet and many of them have encouraged me to start up blogging again.   After thinking about it for about a year I decided to start up again.  This time around my posts will be coming from a woman who is now in her 50's, almost an empty nester, a grandmother and in full-time ministry.  My posts will consist of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, in the kitchen and full-time  ministry.