Monday, November 27, 2017

My Newest Obsession For Our Christmas Tree

These clip-on candles are my newest obsession. I have always loved the way real candles look on trees but would never ever do it because of the fire hazard but when I found these and read the reviews on them I bought them immediately for our tree this year. I put them on the tree the other day and I LOVE THEM. ❤️💚 They come 12 in a pack and they work with a remote control. Each clip on light works with one AAA battery. What’s cool is I purchased 2 packs for our tree and the same remote works for both packs. 
Also, the candles swivel so once they are on the tree you can position them perfectly. This is my favorite Christmas decor purchase for this year. I’ll do an Instastory so I can demonstrate how they look a little later today. Also, I purchased mine from a website that is SOLD OUT now BUT I found the exact ones by the same company on a different website for almost half the price that I paid. ❤️💚For shopping details look under this photo.

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