Sunday, September 5, 2021

Being Still In A World Of Chaos

 “There is a silence and stillness that should overtake us in the presence of someone that is so overwhelmingly holy and glorious. The call to all is to be still before our holy, awesome, and glorious God.”  John Casteel

This is the final post of my 3 part series on #EmilysPinkPosts where I have been sharing Bible verses that have brought encouragement and helped me through the last month.  Over the last two weeks we have looked at Psalm 56:3 and Psalm 41:1.  Today we will look at the third verse which is, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10a. 

In a world where chaos runs rampant how do we find peace?  In a world where life brings turmoil in relationships, family and friend how can we fix thing?   In a world where where there are always trials, tribulations and hardships .. . .what can we do to stop the noise, anxiety, fear, stress, worry and tension?    One thing we can do is to  . . . . .  Be still!  Here in this verse the word still comes from a Hebrew word meaning to “let go” or “release.”  We have to be willing to let go of those things that are causing the stress and worry and surrender everything over to God.  

Just when we think we can’t take it anymore and we are about to buckle under the weight of it all God reminds us to “Be still”.   But honestly have you ever thought about just how hard it is to be still and let go and let God?   When we are in the that mode we hardly ever take time to be still.  We toss and turn at night.  Our nerves are shot from the worrying.  We constantly have noise filling our ears with even more chaos.  So how are we to Be still in the storm?  I’m going to share with you some practical ways I have found that help me bring myself back to center and to calm my emotions.

1.  Get outdoors - When I am outdoors all I have to do is look around and see God everywhere.  He is in the colors of creation  - the sky, grass, flowers, trees, clouds, sunsets and sunrises.  Have you ever really looked at the colors of flowers or even vegetables growing in your garden?  Have you ever seen a caterpillar and thought about the transformation it goes through to becoming a beautiful butterfly?   Even going on a walk and breathing in the fresh air and knowing that He has supplied the the oxygen we need to survive on this earth.  This is so much outdoors that help us to remember to Be Still. 

2.  Play praise and worship music - One thing I love about Christian worship music is that the lyrics help to take my eyes off my circumstance and place it on the the Lord instead.  It reminds me of my need for His help and to look to Him!  It reminds me of His faithfulness and His promises.  It reminds me that He fights my battles because He cares and love me.  It helps me to stop with all the negative thinking and fill it with positive thoughts and ways of God.

3.  Stop all the noise - This means putting down my phone, shutting down my computer and turning the TV off.   Its in the quiet where we can truly quiet our soul and we can remember all that God has personally done for us and His faithfulness towards us. 

4.  Pray - When we turn off all the distractions it is then we can turn our thoughts toward God in prayer.  What is prayer?  Praying is communicating or talking to God.  It doesnt have to be a formal conversation.  I talk to Him like I am talking to my best friend.   Praying is a way for us to be honest with our feelings where we can confess our fears and failures and then cry out to Him to move. . As we take the time to pray it is in those moments where we remember what is true and beautiful.  

5.  Read the Bible - The Word of God is living, powerful and active!  It is in the Word where He can speak to you, give your guidance and help to take your eyes off your problem and on to Him.  

We are living in crazy times where chaos and uncertainty is pressing in around us but we have to remember who is the One who can bring peace.  Also, remember being still is doesn’t mean doing nothing.  Regardless of our circumstances that are all around us, we can still our hearts with worship, praying, remembering in the quiet , and reading His truths.  Remember . . .be still and know that He is God and you will soon feel all the heaviness leave.  


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